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Crystal Payroll is a complete online payroll system that calculates and tracks employee salaries, wages, bonuses, leave, tax withholdings, deductions and KiwiSaver with ease.

It can be used for complex reporting, to better manage employee pay records, and generate comprehensive weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual NZ tax-related payroll forms and reports.

You choose your level of involvement

Crystal Payroll is the only online payroll service to provide a selection of low cost Service Options so that you can choose to only pay for what you need. If you have too much on your plate you might decide to delegate all your pay processing to the Crystal Payroll team. Or, if you prefer to self manage all aspects of your organisations payroll, you can choose to remain hands on in your data processing and filing. Crystal Payroll offers a Service Option to suit every situation. The choice is yours.


Written in New Zealand, specifically for NZ businesses 

Our online software was designed especially for kiwi business. For you, this means:

  • Easy processing of withholding tax for sub-contractor payments
  • Easy processing of holiday pay calculations and individual multiple pay rates  
  • Easy processing of fixed or variable allowances & deductions  
  • Easily caters for hourly paid employees and salaried employees 
  • Easy to use - and certainly easier than any manual payroll processing system 

There is no software to download or upgrade

Advancements in computing continue at a rapid pace and most businesses have joined the movement to cloud services. Don’t get bogged down trying to re-load an old software disc onto your new laptop, or be hindered by repeatedly upgrading the PC-based software you have.

With Crystal Payroll you’ll never need to do those things again. As long as your preferred computer (be it a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone) has an internet browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari for best results, but Internet Explorer is okay too) you'll have immediate access to your payroll – and all of its history, not just the last year.


Your data is absolutely secure

We have implemented strict safeguards to protect your privacy (Our Privacy Policy) and keep confidential the information you provide about you and your staff, and we strive to make sure those practices meet and exceed industry standards. Back-ups happen automatically, safely and securely, and are all stored off-site (Our Security Policy).

And we believe that your data belongs to you, always. A Crystal Payroll account will remain accessible (on a read-only basis) even if you choose to stop using our services. You'll be able to access your payroll information and extract the reports you need for as long as legislation requires.


We are an IRD Accredited PAYE Intermediary

For most people keeping up with ever-changing payroll legislation can be troubling. Not just because it is such a time consuming requirement, but it’s so easy to get wrong. Crystal Payroll has a close and long-standing relationship with the IRD. As a fully accredited intermediary (what is this?) you can be assured that our automated calculations are always spot-on and all tax and legislation changes are implemented centrally, available immediately in your payroll, so you don’t need to worry.

In addition, unlike some other online payroll providers, we offer flexibility of timing for payment of PAYE deductions when we manage your IRD filing, only debiting your account when the money is due, to allow you to manage your companies cashflow better. And we accept responsibility for all tax payments, including any late payment penalties.


Any money we handle for you is safe 

If we manage your employees pay, or your PAYE, any funds received from you are held on your behalf in a separate (non-interest-bearing) Commercial Trust Bank Account prior to on-payment.


You can eliminate interruptions with easy online access

Even on our most cost-effective Self Service option Crystal Payroll provides you the ability to allow your Employees to login and view their own pay information – and you can even allow your Accountant to login and extract many different and useful summary reports - allowing you to get on with other business uninterrupted.


Your employees can even enter their own timesheets online

Our Crystal Manager module is a sophisticated add-on that allows employees access to enter their own timesheets and request leave online - while managers are able to approve timesheets and leave and run reports by department or individual. Find out more.


And if your situation changes

We recognise that circumstances change. And so, if you want to get more hands on or if you want to change the way you work with Crystal Payroll for any reason - it’s easy. Just let us know. We’ll help you to change between any one of our four Service Options without consequence or silly breakout charges.


You choose your level of involvement - and only pay for what you need ...

Self Service

Keep full control of your payroll data entry, processing and payments, with all the benefits of our online system.

Agency Service

Never be stung with IRD late fees again. You simply hand over the reins to us once each payroll run is complete.

Basic Bureau Service

All you do is input your timesheet data and any variances which relate to employees' pay, and we do the rest.

Full Bureau Service

Just send us your timesheet data (in any format), and we’ll take care of the rest. That’s all there is to it.

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Crystal Payroll Limited is a fully accredited NZ PAYE intermediary, based in Auckland.


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