Crystal add-on

Crystal Payroll offers several optional add-ons, all tailor-made to help enhance your business.

Crystal Timesheets

Crystal Timesheets is ideal for larger organisations with multiple locations, whose employees currently fill in their timesheets manually and submit them to a central payroll manager for manual upload. This convenient add-on saves time and reduces mistakes and miscommunications by allowing employees to fill in their own timesheets, selecting different job types if applicable.

Employees can enter leave requests, submit expenses and claims, and access their payslips, leave records and other reports. Meanwhile, managers can preview and print employees’ payslips and reports, access their leave information, and directly approve or decline timesheets and leave applications.

Crystal Human Resources

Crystal Human Resources helps businesses streamline and improve the efficiency of their administrative and management processes – recording, tracking and organising all employees’ important non-payroll data.

Managers can create reminders for permit expiry dates, performance reviews, staff training sessions, development goals and contract reviews. They can also upload documents relevant to each employee, including employment contracts, work permits and performance notes.

Crystal Roster

Crystal Roster is designed to simplify employee scheduling and logistics, helping businesses slash time spent on administrative duties.

This add-on generates a calendar featuring all staff scheduling information, giving managers an overview of which employees are working where and who is on leave. This rostering system can be viewed in a daily, weekly or monthly format, and feeds directly into the business’ payroll for extra efficiency. .

Crystal Audit Trail

Crystal Audit Trail allows businesses to easily and accurately monitor payroll system activities. This add-on keeps precise track of all relevant activities, providing managers with detailed information about each incident. 

Grow your business with tailor-made add-ons 

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