Crystal Payroll addons

Optional addon modules to suit your business. This can be easily updated as your organisation grows or develops

Crystal Manager

Perfect for larger businesses with multiple locations whose employees fill in their own time sheets manually, and send them to a central payroll person who manually enters the data into the existing payroll system.

Is your accounts team or payroll person feeling swamped?

Would you like your employees’ wages to be managed in a more controlled and convenient manner?



This is all at your discretion. You control who has access and to what level.

The cost of Crystal Manager can be quickly recovered through the significant time-savings you’ll achieve by reducing double-handling, keying errors and miscommunications.

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Crystal Manager, it’s simple efficiency.

Crystal Manager can be included with any of Crystal Payroll’s service options. The cost is added to your annual licence fee and based on your number of employees.

1-5 employees$99
6-10 employees$149
11-15 employees$199
16-20 employees$249
21-25 employees$299
26-30 employees$349

More than 30 staff? No problem! Get in touch to have a chat about pricing to suit your business. (Please note: all prices are quoted exclusive of GST).

Human Resources Management

Perfect for: any business that has a number of non-payroll employees, seeking to streamline and improve their administrative and management processes.

The HR Management module of Crystal Payroll allows you record and track key, non-payroll employee data, such as:

The main benefits of using Crystal Payroll’s HR Management module include:

Order instead of chaos

Elimination of haphazard information gathering, such as random spreadsheets, post-it notes, or hastily scribbled memos.

Anytime access and accountability

The information is available at any time on an internet capable device, and you can see exactly who has accessed the system.

Confidentiality and practicality

Spreadsheets and documents need to be handled carefully and stored safely. By choosing to keep your data in a secure online system you can closely control exactly who has access, and seriously reduce your paper filing. This could have huge advantages as part of your business’ disaster recovery plan.

Efficiency of administration

All crucial data is stored in one place, meaning it’s no longer a time-consuming nightmare to find out “When is Mike due to do his forklift refresher?” or “How long until Kim’s permit expires?”

Informed decision-making

Collating data centrally gives you analytical opportunities that will help with your business planning. Trying to gain these same insights using a paper-based system could be extremely complicated and, in all likelihood, quite unfeasible.

Improved communication and co-operation

No more time wasted sifting through filing cabinets. Pop-up reminders should ensure that important dates and events are not missed.

Risk mitigation

Demonstrable evidence that employees have been made aware of policies and/or been trained to operate equipment. This could be invaluable if, for example, there was a legal dispute. 

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