After his purchase of Club Physical’s New Lynn branch from the Club Physical Group in January 2006, owner Rowan O’Connor needed to make several key decisions as he began separating business systems that had previously been shared.

One of those systems decisions was who would take over the payroll processing, which had previously been managed by MYOB. Given the nature of health clubs, Club Physical is open 16 hours a day, seven days a week. This requires Rowan to hire full time and part time staff, employing on average around 17 people.

His own decision as to which provider to go with, was one that pivoted around the payroll software’s ability to be flexible. “My role requires a great deal of flexibility, sometimes I may need to be away from the office for a couple of weeks.

Previously, the payroll processing requirements meant that I couldn’t be away from work for longer than 6 days as staff needed to be paid weekly. I decided not to employ another part timer just to run the payroll for me – just so I could get away, and instead decided to look for a solution that would allow me the freedom to go to business meetings as required.”

After doing some research, Rowan decided on Crystal Payroll as it provided him with the most freedom and flexibility. Rowan chose the ‘Bureau’ service, and can now confidently delegate faxing of details to Crystal Payroll each week if he needs to get away or, he can do it himself. “It’s now as easy as sending through a fax, that’s it”.

When asked why else Crystal Payroll was his preferred choice, Rowan says he enjoys the fact that he hasn’t needed to keep an eye on changes in legislation which used to be so time consuming. “We also don’t have to pay for upgrades anymore, which is a big cost saving for us. I can imagine Crystal Payroll suiting most business situations, because it is so flexible.”

Rowan has been using Crystal Payroll since 2008.