Leave Periods

If you’ve received a leave request for an extended period of time from one of your employees, don’t fret about trying to remember when they’re on leave or trying to manually adjust their timesheet. Using the LEAVE PERIODS feature in Crystal Payroll, all you have to do is enter in the start and end days of their leave and Crystal will do all the rest. When processing the pay for that period, the system will automatically assign the specified date range as annual leave, taking the burden off your payroll manager trying to remember when to key in when processing payroll.

How to use the leave periods feature in Crystal Payroll:

1. Navigate To Time and Income, and choose the employee who’s going on leave, for example George Bush
2. Then click on the blue button ‘Leave Periods’
3. This will show a pop-up like so. To add a Leave period just click ADD
4. Specify the start and end date of the leave, and you also have the option ‘Pay Out’ all the leave in the first applicable pay period.
5. Once entered, you hit save button and then you see it in the Leave Period table, and you can cleanse it from your mind and let Crystal do the magic.

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