We are really excited about attending the 2015 Xerocon conference again this year and catching up again with our friends from all around New Zealand who will be coming together to share ideas and learn more about the ongoing changes to accounting technology. 

And while some of our accounting partners are still coming to grips with Xero’s recent announcement of ‘Payroll for Xero‘ we think it’s important that our customers and partners recognise that the inclusion of a payroll ‘add-on’ within Xero’s accounting system does not spell the end of our long and positive relationship. Otherwise we wouldn’t be attending, would we?

Crystal Payroll will continue to offer dedicated services and specific benefits to Xero users as a Xero Payroll Add-On, as we have for some years now. And while the new Payroll for Xero tab can be added in (at an additional cost) to your Xero accountancy system package you are still encouraged to work with Add-On Payroll services if you prefer. It’s your choice.

So what are the differences? Here are a few things to consider:

Xero are offering a self-service payroll add-on only. They have indicated that they do not intend to become PAYE intermediaries, nor do they wish to take over paying your staff for you. Whereas with Crystal Payroll our customers are offered multiple choices and only pay for what they need. We can manage PAYE for you – and/or pay your staff, saving you time and money. Or, you can can choose to use our online payroll system to manage these yourself and save even more (our price for a small business is much the same as the extra cost for Xero’s add-on, sometimes much less). And, as we are an IRD accredited PAYE intermediary with a strong, long-standing relationship with the IRD, you can sleep easy knowing that we will never let you get stung by late fees over monthly PAYE filing.

The management of payroll in New Zealand is, by nature and by legislation, a complex activity and not everyone is –or wants to become– a payroll expert. If you choose Xero’s add-on payroll you (or your accountant) will need to set everything up yourself and keep an eye on every little move that the government makes that affects payroll administration. However, with many years of experience in dealing with the multitude of issues that can befall a payroll administrator, choosing Crystal Payroll will offer you not only a highly comprehensive (and well established) online payroll system but the ongoing expert advice that you (and sometimes your accountant) needs to know that your payroll is absolutely legislatively correct.

And if it is time to move all your businesses historic accounting and payroll data into the cloud we think that choosing Xero is a good decision to make for your accounts. However, for your payroll, we will make it much easier to move away from old PC-based payroll software. We can convert and import as much historic payroll data as you need from any old Ace, MYOB, IMS, Commac or other old payroll software into your new online Crystal Payroll account – without you (or your accountant) having to either manually key anything over, or manage the import process at all.

Plus, finally, if your business operates with up to 10 Employees, you can also have your monthly PAYE filings and payments managed for you for free when choosing to use Crystal Payroll as an Add-On alongside your Xero accounting system.

And, of course, we’ve been happily and seamlessly integrating our customers payroll data with Xero for years – and we plan to continue this partnership for many years to come.