It’s easy to take a quick look at New Zealand’s online payroll software systems and think that they’re all quite similar. And, in many ways, they are. But one big difference you won’t notice so easily is when your employees PAYE is actually being paid to the IRD…

Most online payroll services (like iPayroll and Smart Payroll) debit your employees PAYE each pay period along with their pay. This sounds simple enough – and it does mean you only get debited the once. But it also means that each week you are paying out more than you need to . . . as these services won’t be passing your PAYE funds on to the IRD until the 20th of the following month. 

Obviously that could add up to some very long periods where your money is sitting around  in someone elses trust account –probably earning hefty interest– when it could have been sitting in your business account and helping you manage your cash-flow.

Does everyone handle PAYE the same way? . . . No. 

At Crystal Payroll we separate these issues and give you choices so you can manage your payroll however you want to – and to your best advantage. 

It’s simple. If you want to maintain full control and pay your own staff and the PAYE yourself then you can. We don’t force you to hand over all aspects of paying your staff. With our low cost Self Service facility we’re happy to just provide you the system (our easy to use online software) so that you can manage it all yourself with accuracy and ease. 

And if you do want us to help manage your PAYE then we offer a choice here too. As with the other guys we can debit your PAYE (to sit in our non-interest-bearing commercial trust account) each pay run or, if you prefer, we are happy to only debit your PAYE the day before it’s due at the IRD. It just seems fairer. I mean, it’s your money after all – and being able to choose when you pay it is important.

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