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– Domestic Violence Leave Function –

In Crystal Payroll, we have updated our systems to allow the use of Domestic Violence Leave whenever it applies to an individual employee.

In the [Employee Settings] => [Employee Details] => Default Entitlement section, you can find the Domestic Violence Leave Settings page where all employees will be set by default to be entitled to 10 days of Domestic Violence Leave on each anniversary year after meeting the criteria of working for a period of 6 months.

– EnTITLEMENT GIVEN FOR Domestic Violence Leave –

Each Employee will be entitled to 10 days of Domestic Violence Leave automatically after 6 months of continuous employment. You will find the entitlements given to the employee in the [Employee Settings] => [Employee Details] => [Entitlement Given] => [Domestic Violence Leave] section.

– Entering Domestic Violence Leave  –

To enter Domestic Violence Leave in the [Time and Income] page, please enter the date selected. You will then change the [Action] from Normal Working to [Domestic Violence Leave]. Next, please specify [Leave Hours] and [Default Hours].  

If a full day (Eg. 8 hours) was taken as Domestic Violence Leave, you will enter [8] in the Leave Hours and [8] in the Default Hours section.

If only a part day (Eg. 4 hours) was taken as Domestic Violence Leave, please enter [4] in Leave hours and [8] as the employee’s Default Hours for that day. This will only take off half a day from the employee’s Domestic Violence Leave Balances.  

You can also enter Domestic Violence Leave as a Leave Period if more than a day is taken.

Due to the conditions surrounding the confidentiality of Domestic Violence Leave, it will be reflected on the payslips as [Other Paid Leave].

– View Domestic Violence Leave Balances –

           You can view the Domestic Violence Leave Balances by selecting [Process a Pay] => [Leave Summary]

Next, please select the Employee’s name and click on [Other Paid Leave]

In the dropdown list, you will find [D.V. Leave]

This will show you the total entitled days of Domestic Violence Leave as well as any that was taken which will be reflected in the table below. You will also find the employee’s leave balances here for Domestic Violence Leave.

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