Employee Documents

We’re excited about the release of our NEW Employee Documents Feature. You can find this new function in your Crystal Payroll account under Employee Settings > Employee Documents.

This function allows you to upload up to 1MB of data per employee to your Crystal Payroll account at no extra cost or you can upgrade your storage space for a small fee.  It is particularly useful for storing documents such as employment contracts, forms, receipts, leave applications and infringement notices….basically any document you wish to have on hand so you can refer to it later. The data is all stored securely within our servers and can be accessed, updated, or removed at any time, meaning no more rummaging through a filing cabinet or multiple folders on your computer to try and find the document you’re after.


Note: All files must be uploaded in PDF format.

To upload the file for an employee, select the employee name, click ‘Add Files’, choose the file you wish to upload, click [Open], and then the file will be stored under the relevant employee.

This function is live on our system now, so go ahead and give it a try!


Need more than 1MB of storage space? No problem!  Simply click on ‘Account Option’.  The system will ask you if you want to upgrade to a paid account.

Click on ‘Yes’ and you’ll instantly see your storage space has increased to a maximum of 100mb.

It’s important to note that you will only be charged for the storage space that you use and you can choose to downgrade to the free service again at any time by clicking the ‘Account Option’ button.

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