Last year we created a simple 2 question quiz that helps you figure out whether or not your employee’s public holiday will be “Mondayised”, with Boxing day falling on a Saturday in 2020 – but it’s a little more complicated this year – Christmas day falls on a Saturday and Boxing day falls on a Sunday. The same goes for the New Years holidays in 2022 – New Year’s day falls on a Saturday and The Day after New Year falls on a Sunday. This means that there’s a possibility that your employee’s public holidays could also be “Tuesdayised”. 

What is Mondayisation and Tuesdayisation?

Mondayisation (or Tuesdayisation) occurs when a public holiday falls on a weekend and the employee does not normally work on that weekend. The public holiday is then transferred to the following Monday (or Tuesday). Tuesdayisation occurs when Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, or Day After New Years falls on a Sunday. Since two public holidays in a row fall on a weekend in 2021 Christmas and 2022 New Years, your employee may have their public holidays both Mondayised AND Tuesdayised if they don’t usually work on the weekends.

Making Mondayiation Easy for you to Figure Out!

To help you understand how to pay your employees when two public holidays in a row fall on a weekend, we’ve put together this easy-to-follow interactive flowchart. Simply click on the results to check out helpful step-by-step guides on how to use the Crystal Payroll system to pay your employees. Since the Christmas and New Years public holiday falls on both weekend days, you may need to attempt the quiz twice to check for both Mondayisation and Tuesdayisation.

mondayisation-flowchart not-mondayised mondayised not-tuesdayised tuesdayised

For mobile users - use the following links to access the guides:

Not Mondayised/Tuesdayised:



How to Correct a Mistake

Even being cautious, mistakes can still happen, and you may process your employee’s public holiday in a way where they are paid for the public holiday but do not receive an alternative holiday when they should have, or vice versa, where they were given an alternative holiday but were not entitled to one. Luckily, adding or deducting alternative leave is a straightforward process in Crystal Payroll.

Instead of manually changing timesheets and risking affecting IRD filing, navigate over to “Employee Settings”, and then “Employee Details”. Select the employee from the left-hand side and then open “Entitlement Given” under “Other Details”. Change the option over to “Alternative Leave”. Select “Add”. Set the “Date” as the date the employee should have or should not have received their alternative holiday. Set the “Days” as “1” to add the day, or “-1” to take away the day. Enter a “Description” for your own records. Select “Save”.

For more information on Mondayisation of public holidays, visit the official Employment New Zealand website using this link: