Below you will find some quick answers to the most common questions you may have for your payroll processing needs.

  1. How to process payments in advance.
  2. How to process Public Holidays falling on a Weekend (2022/2023).
  3. How to manually add or remove an Alternative Holiday.

How to process payments in advance.

Manually roll over to the next pay period

Pay Periods, by default, will be created at the end of their pay period date. For example, a Pay Period for week ending 25/12/2022 will be created on 25/12/2022. However you can always manually roll over the pay period.

You can manually roll over a pay period, by selecting the information ( i ) button to the right of the “Pay Period” dropdown menu along the top of the page.

Hit “Create a new pay period”.

Leave Periods

From the “Time & Income” page, you can select the “Leave Periods” tool on the right-hand side.

This option will allow you to set an employee on leave over a consecutive period of time (so you are not entering day by day).

If you want to pay all the leave in a single period, then there’s an option you can enable there too.

How to process Public Holidays falling on a Weekend (2022/2023)

Christmas and New Years’ Day fall on a Sunday this year. As such, there is a possibility that the day will become Tuesdayised for some of your employees.

The important rule to remember, is that Tuesdayisation of the day entirely depends on whether or not the employee normally works on Sunday.

If the employee does normally work on Sunday, then the Public Holiday remains on the Calendar Date.

If the employee does not normally work on Sunday, but does Tuesday, then the Public Holiday becomes Tuesdayised.

If the employee does not normally work on either day, then the employee only receives time and a half if they work on Tuesday, but ordinary time if they work on Sunday. Otherwise, the employee receives no statutory pay, and no alternative holidays are accrued for working.

Take a look at our guides below:

Public Holiday Remains on the Calendar Date

Public Holidays Becomes Tuesdayised

Video Tutorial

How to manually add or remove an Alternative Holiday.

If you make a mistake in processing a public holiday, and an employee receives an alternative holiday when they shouldn’t, or the opposite where the employee does not receive an alternative holiday.

That’s okay, though, as it is easy to fix up a mistake and adjust an employee’s Alternative Leave balance.

Head over to “Employee Settings”, and then “Employee Details”.

Select the employee from the left-hand side.

Open “Entitlement Given” under “Other Details”.

Select “Alternative Leave”.

Set the “Date” as the date you would like the adjustment to occur from.

Enter the “Days”, as the positive or negative number of days you wish to add.

Ignore or correct the “Hours” field.

Enter a “Description” for your own record.

Select “Save”.

Remember that Crystal Payroll will be running with a smaller team from mid-December to mid-January, and we will be observing the Public Holidays on the following dates:

  • Monday the 26th of December
  • Tuesday the 27th of December
  • Monday the 2nd of January
  • Tuesday the 3rd of January

Have a wonderful holiday season!