Did you know you can pay the appropriate portion of your IRD Payment with your payment for employees each pay-run? It’s as easy as ticking a box! The advantage to doing this is that you do not have to worry about a potentially significant tax bill before the 20th of each month. We have launched this feature in early 2020, and are the first and only payroll system that has this feature!

If you use the batch-payment method, also known as the “Payment Schedule”, or Electronic Scheduling Method, in most cases you can pay the IRD with the rest of your employees when uploading this file to your banking system.

*You cannot do this if you use HSBC, or ANZ Internet Banking instead of ANZ Direct.

Alternatively, if you manually transfer payments to your employees, you can have the total amount to be paid to the IRD collected in both the “Direct Payment” and “Payment Summary” reports.

You can enable this option so that it appears on the aforementioned reports, by navigating over to “Company Settings”, and then “Import / Export”. Under “Electronic Schedule Method”, even if you do not intend to use a batch file, enable “PAYE payment to the IRD to be included in the payment schedule” by ticking the relevant tick box. Select “Save”.