In an effort to encourage more people to complete forms and make payments online, Inland Revenue have announced that customers will no longer be able to make cheque payments – or drop off any returns or forms – at Westpac Branches from 01 October 2014. This change in service will effect all Tax, GST and PAYE transactions.
And while they will still accept payments, returns and forms via the post – they will, also effective 01 October, require all payments posted to be received by Inland Revenue on or before the payments due date. (View the IRD update here) . . .
At Crystal Payroll we think the best way to ensure your PAYE returns and payments reach the IRD correctly completed and on time (thereby avoiding the possibility of late payment penalties) is to simply let us manage your PAYE for you. This service is actually available free of charge to any Self-Service customers with 5 or less employees – and if you have more employees we only charge a few $$ to do the job for you.

Learn more about our Free PAYE Management Service or about pricing for our Low Cost Agency PAYE Service

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