Who remembers the story of Chicken Little: “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” he cried once too often – and nobody believed him anymore. Wasn’t it just a cautionary tale about fear-mongering for kids? Well, yes. At least that’s what I used to think. But then, a couple of years ago, we had some pretty disastrous earthquakes in Canterbury and I had to revise my thinking. And now, all of a sudden, things are rocking again down near Wellington when it seemed so unlikely that we would have to suffer more earthquakes again so soon. What’s next for little old New Zealand? 

Will there be shaking further north? What’s the probability of an earthquake hitting Tauranga, or Hamilton, or even Auckland? It’s impossible to know for certain. But the examples down south mean that anything is possible. I mean, here in Auckland we should be more concerned about volcanoes, or another tornado… shouldn’t we?

The reality is that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring so we need to be prepared for almost anything. Many people around the country are now storing food, water, batteries and more, just in case. But what about their businesses? What steps are they taking to make sure everything will keep working if some kind of natural disaster strikes?

We can’t advise you on the multitude of things you need to consider, but we can shine a little light on making sure you have a robust payroll system. If you are not already using a cloud-based online payroll system what would happen if your business got badly rocked by an earthquake, or blown away by a Tornado, or toasted by a volcano? 

Let’s assume you’re able to keep your business running afterwards but you either can’t get to your office computer or it’s been destroyed. Would you be able to easily pay your staff during those terrible times? Would you still have records available so you could satisfy Inland Revenue’s PAYE demands? Would you still be able to tell any of your staff how much holiday leave they had left available – especially if you needed someone to take a week or two off while you tidy up?

With an online payroll system all your data is safely secured in the cloud. That is, it’s off in cyber-space, miles away from your physical business premises. And it’s always safe, and always accessible, no matter where you need to try and access it from, be that from your home or from a friends borrowed garage. As an example of online software, just like your Bank’s online banking system or like Xero’s online accounting system, you can login to your online payroll system and use it from any internet browser… wherever you have internet access available.

You never need to back it up either. This is done for you, behind the scenes, so there is no chance of your back-up discs (or flash drives, or whatever) being destroyed by Chicken Little’s pending disaster. So give it a bit of thought. If the sky did start falling would your current payroll system survive? If not, it’s time to take a good look at an online payroll system, like Crystal Payroll, so you’ll be prepared for any disastrous event.

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