IRD tax changes happen 01 April, yet again. Surprise, surprise. Didn’t this happen last year? And the year before? And so that means, once you’ve finished muttering dark curses beneath your breath, you will have to upgrade that payroll software on your PC for the umpteenth time. Don’t you wish this wasn’t so…

Well, it’s not! There are plenty of online payroll systems available right now that work just like your internet banking. i.e. You have an online account. You login via the internet and pay bills and other stuff. Your bank account info is stored safely away somewhere else in cyberspace – and it’s all encrypted. You don’t have to download your data and store a back-up. You never have to wait for an upgrade disc to arrive (that will probably get lost in the post) or download an upgrade when something changes. It’s so easy.
Ask yourself: Do you still drive to the bank to get your cheque book balanced? Probably Not. Do you still have a cheque book? Or use it often? Unlikely. So then, in this rapidly advancing technological age, why do you persist with old payroll software on your old PC? Especially in an environment that you know is going to continually change, like payroll. The IRD won’t be sitting still, that’s clear. And neither will the Dept of Labour. That minimum wage is going to get fiddled with every now and then – and whenever it does you will have to upgrade that old payroll software on your PC for the squillionth time…

Do yourself a favour. Take a good long look at the online payroll options available to you. Obviously we’re a bit biased here at Crystal Payroll, but we think it make sense to let someone else worry about the tricky stuff – like keeping track of the IRD and the DOL. Why should you have to waste your valuable time? You should be getting on with running your business . . . Let someone else (like us) make sure your payroll system is kept up-to-date automatically. No fuss, no hassle, no more worries about the IRD and their ever-changing rules!

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