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– Changes in Rest and Meal Breaks Entitlements –

From 6 May 2019, the Act requires that employees have set rest and meal breaks, so that they have time to rest, refresh and attend to personal matters. The number and duration of breaks will depend on the hours worked.

Please view the table below for the rest/ meal break entitlements to be given to employees based off the length of the employee’s work period:

– Recording paid rest breaks compensation in Crystal Payroll
if you are an exempt employer and can’t reach an agreement –

Paid Rest Breaks Compensations can be added in the [Time and Income] page by selecting [Allowances] => Add

By default, paid rest breaks are pre-defined on a duration set to 10 minutes per unit.

As an example, if the employee’s work period is equivalent to 8 hours, they will be entitled to 2x 10 minutes paid rest breaks as well as an unpaid meal break.

In Crystal Payroll, after selecting the [Paid Break – 10 mins per unit] item, you will then enter 2 in [Quantity] and leave the pay rate as 1 and Save.

Once the [Time and Income] page is approved, the Paid Rest Breaks will be calculated automatically by the system based off the employee’s default pay rates or automatically top-up to the minimum wage rate if the function has been turned on.

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