You will have noticed there has been a small (but big) change to what you see when you are logging in to your payroll company.

Until this week when you logged in as an Employer you will have seen a panel with our Facebook feed. We have used this to talk about things which are happening here at Crystal and on occasion to announce system status and updates.

The problem with this is that Facebook controls what is displayed and when it’s displayed. If you aren’t a Facebook User (unlikely we know) or you don’t have access at to Facebook at work then you couldn’t access the information. Also this panel only appeared on the Employer login and not the Accountant or Partner logins.

We feel it is critical that every Crystal Payroll user is provided with this key information as quickly as possible so we have updated the login screens so they now display the most recent post on our Blog. The other advantage of this is the fact we have more control over the amount of content, images, layout and timing of what we post.

We will now be posting regular updates whenever there are system or legislative changes, as well as any other payroll related news or stories we come across which we feel would be or interest.

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