Your Peace-Of-Mind Solution For Payday Filing

Want to avoid late filing penalties from the IRD?

Can’t see your Employer Information data from your payroll system?


Using Crystal Payroll ensures that your business will always be fully compliant of this legislation – with our system developed especially to provide a streamlined, reliable and effective payday filing process for businesses of all sizes.

What is Payday Filing?

As of April 2019, payday filing is compulsory for all employers in New Zealand, and requires them to report their payroll information to the IRD within two working days of each pay cycle. Businesses that generate over NZ$50,000 PAYE and ESCT deductions annually must file this information electronically.

Our crystal-clear Payday Filing dashboard provides a unique two-way communication with the IRD, whereby our system not only submits the filing on your behalf, but also allows you to view what has been submitted once the process is complete. Any mistakes are automatically highlighted, giving you the opportunity to rectify these errors with the IRD.

Automatic Payday Filing

Simply process your payroll on time and let the system do the rest.

Once activated, Crystal Payroll submits your payday filing information automatically so you will never need to worry about late filing penalties.

Paying your employees at a later date? No Problem!

Just click on the payment date to change it on the Pay Period List page. Once the payment dates are changed, the filings will automatically be sent through to the IRD on time. It’s that easy!

Going on Leave?

No worries – Crystal Payroll has the solution. Our system allows you to process your payroll in advance, with payday filing submitted automatically within the mandatory two working days.

The result? No more tiresome logging in and out of systems, no mistakes or oversights caused by manual uploading, and no late filing penalties ever again.

Sign-up now, from only $199.00+gst per year!

More Awesome Functions Available

  • Free support
  • Accounting system export ability
  • Buyer Created Invoice
  • Leave split accrued & entitlement
  • Notes on payslip function
  • One-off pays
  • Reports
  • Total hours loading option
  • PAYE management
  • Regular allowances
  • Regular deductions
  • Audit trail
  • Payroll variance report
  • Date based leave liability report
  • Timeclock import ability               
  • Accountant access
  • Detailed timesheet loading
  • Advanced leave loading
  • Cash-up leave function
  • Upload bank file
  • K/S gross-up function
  • K/S salary sacrifice
  • Minimum wage top-up
  • Detailed final pay calculation
  • Employee job pay rate
  • Company job pay rate
  • WT contractors
  • Annual leave accrual
  • Annual leave pay rate calculator
  • PAYE Calculator
  • Employee portal
  • Manager portal
  • Multiple administrators
  • Multiple pay frequencies
  • Staff multiple bank accounts
  • Reducing balance deduction
  • Automatic legislative updates
  • Automatic Payday Filing

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