Purchased five years ago (and established around 2000), Annette and husband John’s business Ascent 3D Print, specialises in ceramic and glass printing for the corporate market. Typically their client base is of a more corporate nature, those who seek high profile, maximum exposure from their corporate gift giving.

When the business changed hands, Annette inherited a manual system which was extremely time consuming and left much room for error, which didn’t allow for peace of mind. While their team isn’t large (they currently employ four permanent staff and several casual staff in peak periods); they do have a couple of curly scenarios that required special attention.

Seeking peace of mind, Annette began to look for a new solution, one that would provide her with efficient, accurate processing “without repercussions”.  “I wasn’t ever sure if I was doing things correctly with our manual system; it really wasn’t effective, especially with so many variations”.

The switch to Crystal Payroll was an easy one, and provided Annette with a fool-proof solution, regardless of her experience. “Because the programme is designed to calculate correctly, processing public holidays, Annual Leave, and Sick Leave becomes fool-proof, removing the guesswork that had existed in the past”.

When asked about her experiences with the Crystal Payroll team, Annette describes them as “always approachable and informative” – adding that the system is “great value for money”.

Ascent 3D Print (2005) have been using Crystal Payroll since August 2007.