Crystal Payroll Software Features

Crystal Payroll is packed with all the payroll software features and requirements to ensure your system works as clearly, simply, and efficiently as possible. Our platform provides a robust set of tools that guarantee smooth compliance with regulations, neatly packaged within an intuitive user interface.


What can you expect?

Automatic Payday filing
Crystal Payroll allows you to view and audit PAYE records on a single Payday Filing Dashboard which also allows direct two-way communication with the IRD. Crystal Payroll automatically files from the Payday Filing Dashboard two working days after the payment date by default. It also allows retrieval and reconciliation of these submitted records from your MyIR system.
Cloud-based Payroll
Crystal Payroll is an online cloud-based payroll system. This means you can access Crystal Payroll anytime, anywhere with zero downloads. All you need is an internet-capable device.
Seamless integration
Crystal payroll seamlessly integrates with a wide range of other systems, such as the IRD, major banks (including ASB, ANZ, BNZ and Westpac, Heartland, HSBC, Kiwibank, National directlink, Nelson Building Society, Rabobank, TSB, and Citibank). It also integrates with popular accounting software (including Xero, Farm Focus, MYOB, and Reckon, and time and attendance management programmes (including TimeHub, Deputy, Discover, Hectre, and many more).
Keeping you compliant
Crystal Payroll efficiently manages your holiday pay calculations so you stay complaint with New Zealand legislation. It keeps track of Kiwisaver contributions, manages both fixed and variable allowances, deductions, and withholding of tax for sub-contractor payments. Crystal Payroll keeps holiday pay crystal clear! We don’t just give you a number, we show you the formula used - so there’s no more guesswork.
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Accurate multi-pay frequencies
Whether you pay hourly employees, salaried employees at variable rates, weekly or monthly, Crystal Payroll can do it all. Choose how often employees are paid and manage their holiday pay and leave calculations with ease. Crystal Payroll supports weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly, four-weekly, and monthly pay frequencies.
Industry-specific functions
Crystal Payroll is flexible with industry-specific functions that can be tailored to meet most industries. Features include piece rate, minimum wage auto top-up, and paid breaks for horticulture, agriculture and forestry. Buyer-created invoices with or without GST for contractors, lawyers, doctors, and real estate agents; withholding tax for contractors; customizable sick leave and annual leave entitlements for early childhood education; and many more.
Reporting options
Crystal Payroll has a reporting library of over sixty reports. This library includes multi-format payslips, trial balances, general ledgers, and leave liability reports. Almost all these reports can be printed and downloaded in a PDF or Excel format.
Manage irregular work hours
With Crystal Payroll you no longer need to maintain additional spreadsheets to keep track of works hours – particularly for irregular work hours and shift workers. All information you need to pay the correct Sick Leave and Holiday Pay is at your fingertips.
Multiple timesheet entry
Crystal Payroll allows you to manually import timesheets from various time and attendance systems, or by using our in-house Crystal Timesheets add-on to easily capture the time and leave applications your employees submit.
Customised service options
Crystal Payroll offers four different service levels to cater to your business’ needs. Choose from DIY to fully outsourced payroll, and everything in between.
Individualized on-boarding and training
When you choose Crystal Payroll, we walk you through a straightforward on-boarding and training process to ensure you know what you are doing. During this process, features can be enabled and tailored to your needs, so you can quickly become expert with our payroll system.
Streamline your payroll process
Crystal Payroll will evaluate your payroll process from timesheet submissions to leave applications. We want to hear what part of payroll you struggle with, so we can save you time and reduce headaches! Crystal Payroll evolves with customer’s needs, we welcome feedback and constantly implement changes to improve your payroll experience.
Multi-factor authentication
Crystal Payroll has an optional in-built multi-factor authentication option that can be enabled for customers who want the very best security that our payroll system has to offer.
Safe and secure data storage
Crystal Payroll’s strict encryption safeguards exceed industry standards, and ensure your data is completely secure. Data is also backed-up automatically and stored off-site within Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Controlled access
Crystal Payroll has an in-depth and fully customizable control system that allows you to tailer specific privileges and set access levels across several types of user groups.
Local support
Crystal Payroll is New Zealand-based and offers free local support over the phone and email or via zoom calls.
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Employee access
The Crystal Payroll app is also available from both the Appstore and the Google Play store. It gives employers mobile access to Crystal Payroll, and permitted employees . With the Crystal Payroll app, employees can easily access reports, saving you time on your human resource duties. Additionally, with Crystal Timesheets, employees can submit both their own timesheets and leave requests through the app.
Dark mode and theme colours
Crystal Payroll can set to your colour scheme of your choice. When you access your Crystal Payroll account, you can change the colour palette with just two clicks. We’ve also a Dark Mode that can be enabled to help reduce the strain on your eyes.
Employee documents
By default, you can upload up to 1MB’s worth of PDF data for each employee in your Crystal Payroll account. This will allow you to keep important records – like certificates or work permits, within your payroll system and accessible from any mobile device.
Payroll variance reports
One the most popular reports Crystal Payroll offers is our well-curated Payroll Variance report. The Payroll Variance report allows you to quickly discover any discrepancies between payments both current, previous, and standard. This report will help prevent any significant overpayments or underpayments to staff.
HR task reminders
Crystal Payroll comes with a select number of built-in Human Resource modules. Each of these can be enabled at any time, based on your company’s requirements. With these modules, you can quickly set reminders so you can stay on-top of important meetings such as performance reviews, or management of work permits and certificates.
Ready to move?
Moving from another software is easy. Depending on what system you use, we can bring over your employee details, leave balances, and even the pay history. We can transfer from: Xero, MYOB Essentials, MYOB Ace, MYOB Payroll, MYOB Exo, MYOB IMS, Smartly, iPayroll, and Reckon.

So clear and so transparent,
you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch to Crystal Payroll earlier.

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