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General questions Getting Started

How do I get started with Crystal Payroll?

Simply click here to request a free demo, or contact our sales team to get a quote. We will help you create your account and provide initial training appropriate to the service option you select.

How can I be sure it will work for me?

We’re so confident in our online payroll system, and your guaranteed satisfaction, that we will refund your subscription in full within thirty days of your first pay run, should you not be happy with your purchase. It’s as crystal clear as that.

How much does Crystal Payroll cost?

Crystal Payroll’s subscription cost is bespoke to you. The subscription you choose is based on varying factors, such as the number of employees for which you are processing payments, the service level you are wanting, and additional add-ons you choose. Regardless of these factors, however, we guarantee service that is exceptional, highly cost-effective, and value for your money. For full details and examples of our pricing, please see our “Pricing” page.

What service options do you offer?

We believe that you should only ever pay for what you need, and as such we offer four different service options. Our level of service ranges from our ‘DIY’ Self Service, ‘PAYE managed for you’ PAYE Service, ‘All payments through us’ Basic Bureau Service, and our ‘Everything is done for you’ Full Bureau Service. See our “Pricing” page for more details.

Can I change my service option after we start?

Yes, you can at any time, and without penalty. Simply let us know and we’ll smoothly transition you to your new choice of service.

What size business is suitable for Crystal Payroll?

Whether you’ve one employee or 5,000, we’re capable of providing you with an exceptional and cost-effective solution. Crystal Payroll has a range of features, and our bespoke training will ensure you are using our system as efficiently and  comprehensively, as you need.

I need help with my payroll! Who can I contact?

We think our support is the best in the business. As a Crystal Payroll customer, you have access to a library of up-to-date videos and documents there to help you with payroll needs. We also offer free email and phone support. Rapid response? That’s us! Additionally, when important changes or difficult circumstances are on the horizon (such as Covid-19 Lockdowns or Public Holidays falling on Weekends), we’ll do our best to keep you on top of any potential headaches.

Does Crystal Payroll automate Payday Filing?

Absolutely we do. While this can be changed, we file returns to the IRD on your behalf, two working days after the established payment date.

How do you provide 24/7 access?

Our server is located in a primary ISP within New Zealand, which enables our web server to be one of the most reliable, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Can I transfer my data from my old payroll system?

Depending on what system you use, we can bring over your employee details, leave balances, and even the pay history. We can transfer from: Xero, MYOB Essentials, MYOB Ace, MYOB Payroll, MYOB Exo, MYOB IMS, Smartly, iPayroll, and Reckon.

For pricing, please contact our sales team.

Learn about our system and its featuresFeatures

What internet browsers/devices are supported?

Crystal Payroll can be operated on virtually any internet capable device, including your PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, or even on your smartphone. The browsers we recommend are: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

What reports are available?

Crystal Payroll has a reporting library made up of over sixty reports. Including: multi-format payslips, trial balances, general ledgers, and leave liability reports. Almost all of these reports can be printed and downloaded in a PDF or Excel format. Please see our online payroll features page for more information.

How do I enter my employer details?

It’s very simple to add or edit both employer and employee details through our easy-to-use menu-based interface. However, we will assist you during the initial set up process.

How do I transfer my pay data to my accounting system?

Easy. Crystal Payroll seamlessly integrates with Xero, MYOB, Farm Focus, Reckon Hosted, Quickbooks, and many, many others. Often all it takes to connect your live data to your accounting system is a quick click of a button.

Is my accountant able to login to my payroll account?

Absolutely. You can grant your accountant access and other users to your payroll account at any time, with no extra cost.

Can I import employee information into Crystal Payroll?

Yes, you can import new employees into Crystal Payroll. Importing existing employees will depend on a few factors. Just let our sales team know, when we are in the process of on boarding.

Do you provide a PAYE Tax Calculator?

Absolutely we do. Set up in a simple one-page format, the Crystal PAYE Calculator offers everything you need to work out take-home pay as accurately as the IRD’s own – and it’s much easier to use. It’s also FREE of charge, available to all. Try it now.

How we keep your data private and secure.Security & Privacy

How do you secure my information?

All data is encrypted while transferring between server and clients providing a secure mechanism for company payroll information – while a secure fire-protection rated building keeps our hardware safe. We have implemented strict safeguards to protect user privacy and we ensure those practices not only meet but exceed industry standards. We prohibit information sharing with any third-party.

How do you back up my information?

Onsite and offsite backup is implemented every day, 365 days a year.

Can my employees see private information when they log in?

Absolutely not. If you decide to allow your employees to access Crystal Payroll online then they will have access only to their own pay information. You alone determine what level of detail they see.

What happens to my data if I stop using Crystal Payroll?

We believe that your data belongs to you – always. Even if you stop using our service. From the day you stop, your Crystal Payroll account will remain accessible on a read-only basis for as long as legislative requirements dictate (e.g. currently 7 years). You’ll be able to log in and access your historic payroll information and extract the reports you need, you just won’t be able to add to or edit the data.

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