As General Managers of the Quality Marlborough Hotel, Kerry Barton and wife Lee are busy people, wearing many different hats as part of their Management roles at the hotel. As many Managers do when they start a new role, Kerry and Lee inherited the systems and processes implemented prior to their arrival.

For the Quality Marlborough Hotel, this included using the services of a local accountant to prepare the pay for their staff of 25 full time, casual and part time staff. “The accountancy service we were receiving was not very good – and it was expensive” says Kerry, which sparked a closer evaluation of the way the pay was being processed.

Prior to switching to Crystal Payroll, Kerry’s team were suffering from working with a supplier who did not keep up with payroll changes and had a high staff turnover. This resulted in many mistakes being made at each pay-run. “Christmas time was always a nightmare to find out who is entitled to what, so having an efficient third party processing our pays keeps us at arm’s length from any conflict.”

The first choice Kerry and Lee needed to make, was whether to keep the payroll function inhouse or whether it would be more efficient and cost effective to outsource this to a third party. After talking with three different payroll supplier companies, Kerry and Lee decided Crystal Payroll would be the best solution for their business.

Crystal Payroll provided a solution which would save valuable staff resources in-house which could be used more efficiently on other tasks. Says Kerry “After set-up [of processing to Crystal Payroll] it was a lot smoother and professional, as well as more cost efficient.

We now find it hassle free to simply send our pay sheet through to Crystal Payroll and since moving we’ve had little in the way of problems. If we do have a query, it is answered quickly.”

Kerry and Lee have now been using Crystal Payroll for one year so far, and are thrilled at the ease and efficiency of the process. It has enabled them to focus on other tasks which require their hands on attention, and given them peace of mind that the payroll function is being managed correctly and in a timely way.

Says Kerry – “Personally I would never prepare pays in-house again after using [the Crystal Payroll] system.”

Kerry has been with Crystal Payroll since 2009.