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Empower your business with precision and efficiency in payroll management. Crystal Payroll is a robust enterprise payroll software that integrates seamlessly with your existing HR systems, automating payroll processes to save time and reduce errors.

If you are looking for reliable payroll software for your large business with features tailored to handle the dynamics of large workforce management, try Cyrstal Payroll.

Why Choose Crystal Payroll for your Enterprise?

Crystal Payroll is for large businesses looking to optimise payroll processes. We know the complexities of enterprise payroll operations, and we’ve designed a system that can cater to and adapt to the unique payroll requirements of your business. With Crystal Payroll, you get:


Seamless Integration

Crystal Payroll integrates effortlessly with major accounting systems, management systems, and government services like the IRD. This reduces manual data entry and errors, ensuring that financial and employee data is synchronised across all platforms without redundant inputs.

Security & Compliance

Our enterprise payroll systems prioritise data security and compliance, protecting sensitive information and helping businesses comply with employment and tax laws. This is critical for enterprises that must navigate complex regulatory environments.

Enhanced Efficiency

By automating routine tasks, such as payroll calculations and tax filings, Crystal Payroll saves time and reduces the likelihood of human error. This allows HR departments to focus on more strategic tasks than administrative work.

Data Management

The software offers comprehensive reporting features, enabling businesses to generate detailed reports on payroll expenses, employee data, and more. This functionality aids in better financial planning and resource allocation.

Roster Management

Integration with roster management features helps in tracking employee hours, which is particularly useful for businesses with a large workforce. Crystal Payroll also seamlessly integrates with idt-BioTime, CB Systems, Lauranka, and many more time management systems.

Crystal Payroll for Enterprises can...



Your organisation from potentially hefty penalties


Your workers’ rights and entitlements


your time and free yourself from worry

Tailored for your purpose

Crystal payroll for large businesses includes all the features you will need to make your payroll processing simple, accurate and compliant.

These are all calculated automatically and in accordance with current NZ government legislation and IRD rules.

Handles irregular working patterns
Shift hours
Holiday pay accruals & entitlements
Sick leave
Student loan deductions
PayDay filing
Child support
Withholding tax
Overtime pay
Variance allowances and deductions
Final pay calculations

Try Our Retail Payroll System Today

Our retail payroll system is designed to navigate the dynamic and demanding environment of the retail industry. From managing irregular working hours and calculating average daily pay to seamless integrations with time management software, our payroll solution streamlines the payroll process, ensuring accuracy and compliance. With Crystal Payroll, you can focus more on your customers and less on payroll administration. Get in touch today.

We strive to cater to all industries

Crystal Payroll combines technology, customisation, and support to ensure your payroll operations are efficient and your compliance needs are met.

Choose Crystal Payroll and empower your enterprise with a reliable and sophisticated payroll solution.

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