What’s new at Crystal Payroll: Timesheets, Earnings protection, and PAYE calculations

October 16, 2023by Crystal Payroll

With a busy year coming close to the end, we have made some improvements to our system that will help you save more time when doing your payroll with Crystal. Effective  12th of October we have implemented three big changes to our system that aim to streamline your payroll process and give you a smoother and easier to operate system than before.

Timesheet Add-On for Managers

A much-requested feature by our clients interested in Crystal Timesheets was implemented that allows managers to approve hours submitted by an employee only for the departments, branches, or jobs they look after.

Employees can log hours under designated departments, and managers will only see the hours relevant to the departments they are assigned. This fine-tuning allows for better time management and a more streamlined process.

Recommended: If you’re not already utilizing this feature, we suggest exploring our Crystal Timesheets add-on for even more streamlined payroll processes.

Protected Earnings Compliance

In alignment with legislative requirements, our system will now automatically remove certain types of deductions—like Ministry of Justice or Court Fines—that would cause an employee’s income to fall below 60% of their gross wages. This ensures both compliance and that employees retain a minimum income level.

You will simply need to make sure to use the “Regular Deductions” codes of either “Court Fines” or “Ministry of Justice” for this to work.

For More Information: We recommend visiting the Ministry of Justice website to understand this requirement in greater detail.

Accurate One-off Pay Period Calculations

We have improved the accuracy of PAYE calculations for one-off pay periods. The system now combines regular and additional income to calculate PAYE deductions accurately, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. All you need to do is to enter the additional income into the one-off payment and Crystal Payroll will combine the income from the main pay-run for accurate PAYE calculations. This not only means commissions are easier to calculate, but also back payments.

At Crystal Payroll, we are committed to making the payroll process as user-friendly as possible. We are always open to your suggestions for further improvements. If you have any questions or require additional information about these updates, our support team is readily available to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Crystal Payroll as your trusted payroll solution provider. We look forward to continuing to serve your payroll needs efficiently.

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